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Testimonials for Jennifer Olsen

From clients

You are a very gifted and intelligent healer; your session helped my hip pain immensely. I only wish I could come see you for trigger point massage this week too!
Didi B., Seattle

Thank you for your touch, skill and care. I love that you blend new learning in your treatments without losing intuitive sense of healing. I so appreciate our easy relationship and honor the mutual trust. Thank you for the service you always give me the best of.
Michelle P., Eugene

Thank you for the fabulous massage. Your knowledge and skill for treating my tendonitis was not only professional but very impressive! My wrist, to my surprise, has made a rapid recovery since our last appointment together. Thank you!
Robin Retherford, Eugene

On June 19th 2007, I was ejected from a car. My name is Nate, and Jennifer Olsen helped me get well. In the accident my back suffered 3 compression fractures in my thoracic spine. My doctor had me start physical therapy soon after, and things seemed to be healing okay, but I was still in a large amount of pain.

My therapist and I decided that adding a weekly massage to my recovery plan would be beneficial. Within the first two weeks of seeing Jennifer at About Touch, I noticed huge improvements in not just my pain but also my mobility. I was sleeping more comfortably and it seemed like I was getting better, faster than before. When it came time to transition off pain medication, Jennifer’s massages helped decrease my pain enough that I was able to stop the meds in a much shorter time than most.

I would recommend Jennifer as a massage therapist for those who have been injured or just in need a relaxing, therapeutic massage.

Best Regards,
Nate Freeman

For the last three years I have had  constant lower back pain. I have discussed this pain with my doctor on several occasions. She chalked it up to arthritis. I tried exercise that was strictly for back pain, lots of advil and walking. This tended to make the pain go away temporarily.

On a visit to my dentist while he was checking my jaw line he suggested a massage. He said that it would relax me and not make me so tense and help the clinching of my teeth while sleeping. He recommended About Touch. That’s when I met Jennifer. I told her both about my jawline and my lower back. We have worked on both but mainly on my lower back. She listened and then put her skills to work. What a difference it has made!!

I have only gone to Jennifer on three occasions(so far) but I feel everytime I leave her that my back is a little better for going. When I get up in the morning it feels good not to have that pain in my lower back.

I would definitely recommend Jennifer in a heartbeat.

Tanya Gerg, Eugene

For the last ten years I have had a debilitating spinal condition that has produced a great deal of pain and sickness. It is the result of one or more physical traumas to my neck, disc degeneration, unstable vertebrae and soft tissue constriction. For most of these ten years I have gone to chiropractors to treat this condition, but recently I recognized that chiropractic adjustments were not enough and that the soft tissues of my neck needed to be rehabilitated. It is for this reason that I began to investigate the various modalities of massage therapists.

While doing this I came upon the website of Jennifer Olsen. From her biographical information I recognized that she had studied a wide-range of massage modalities, including myoskeletal alignment technique and neuromuscular massage, both of which are helpful in rehabilitating soft tissue. Because of this I decided to schedule an appointment with her.

It didn’t take long to experience significant improvement in my spinal condition. Following my first appointment the soft tissues in the back of my neck were less rigid and constricted. There was also less nerve pain. After a few more appointments I was able to move about more freely and involve myself in activities that previously would have caused considerable discomfort.

I would recommend Jennifer Olsen to anyone who is interested in massage therapy as a means to reduce nerve pain or for the purpose of rehabilitating soft tissue. She is very personable and easy to talk to. If you have any questions as to what she can do for you, you should give her a call.

Steve Paty, Albany

That [massage] was something! My back was completely fine on the plane, and I was even able to sleep many hours without sleeping pills. That has never happened before.
Mads Jansen, Eugene

Three years ago, I had a knee injury that didn’t completely heal. My knee would be fine in periods, but even minor stress on the knee would bring the pain and discomfort back for days or sometimes weeks. Jennifer worked on the muscles and tendons in the knee area and also taught me some self-massage techniques. After some weeks of work the knee was back to normal, and I have not have problems there since. Her skills – and invitation for me to take my healing in my own hands – was a great help for me and resolved a problem I expected to be chronic.
Per Kielland-Lund, Eugene

After receiving a massage from Jennifer I was inspired for the first time my five years of living in Eugene to schedule a follow up session several weeks later. Her focused healing energy is directed and calm. She is open to questions and feedback before and during the session which helps the work become more of a collaborative process. I particularly enjoyed her reflexology techniques which pinpointed exact tension spots. If I ever need another massage I will call Jennifer immediately.
Rebecca White, Eugene

Two years ago I herniated two vertebra in my neck sneezing while reading. I went from normal to excruciating pain in less than a minute. I went to my doctor immediately and he sent me to a physical therapist, a good one, and the pain diminished from excruciating to chronic bouts of severe pain.

[] without Ms. Olsen’s guidance and treatment I would be nowhere near in as a good a “shape” as I am now. Her massage skills are exemplary, she is kind, listens well, and provides you with the tools you need to help yourself between visits.

In many ways I feel as if I owe my life to her. I can now play guitar and piano pain free. My social life has returned to normal and while not pain free 100% of the time I can safely count on my body to be there for me for work or play. If I hadn’t taken the chance with massage therapy I am sure that I would be no better.

Ms. Olsen has been a godsend for my life and she is a very nice person as a bonus. I enthusiastically recommend About Touch and Ms. Olsen’s therapy skills. If you have pain. It can’t hurt to try:)

Robert Kelsey, Eugene (read full testimonial)

Thank you for your tender care and keeping me in good health.
J. K., Madison

From one artist to another: You do really fine work.
M. B., Madison

Wisconsin is richer for having had you here, and Oregon is blessed to have arriving there. Keep spreading your golden touch throughout the world.
J. C., Madison

Thanks for providing excellent massage for five years! You will be missed by many.
Massage East staff, Madison

I appreciate the care and energy you bring to our sessions. You take the time to listen to my concerns, and do your best to alleviate them. I realize this is your profession, but you seem to give that little bit extra every time. You have the gift of healing.
E. S., Salt Lake City

From students

Thank you so much for your excellent instruction, your patience, and your good humor. I am truly fortunate to have had you as a teacher.
M. B., Madison

Jennifer’s presence will truly be missed by our staff as well as with the students. Her enthusiasm and organizational skills were an asset and an enhancement to our students learning experience.
J. J., Milwaukee